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Sarv Sanskriti School has been established in year 2012  under the expert guidance of renowned educationist Wg. Cdr. H.K. Rai with the aim of providing the children of our area with high scholastic ability, drive to excel and value based global education with a special emphasis on Indian ethical and spiritual values, irrespective of religion, cast and creed.
The school is situated in Bilaspur Highway. The school offers a serene, calm and pollution free atmosphere to its students.

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The School Management, Principal and Staff appreciate all the students and their parents for their commendable result in class X Term-1 examination
The wonderful result really filled up all with happiness and cheers around.
We congratulate them for their excellent achievement in upcoming term -2 examination and wish them a bright future ahead.

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Our Amazing Features

Sarv Sanskriti School Where Excellence Is An Attitude

Practical Learning

Sarv Sanskriti School, Bilapur campus is completely WiFi and provides facilities for online and offline teaching and learning.

Transport Facilities

All the school buses are comfortable as well as spacious and carry only the permitted number of students is in accordance with the capacity of the bus. A guard and a maid escort the students to ensure safety and cleanliness.

School Clinic

Sarv Sanskriti School is equipped with a clinic to attend to any first aid needs. Healthcare facilities are available in the School health centre under the guidance of a trained nurse.

Coding Classes

Sarv sanskriti school provides coding classes for our students to learn programming skills, regardless of their future profession. Coding is something that each student can do and is a more engaging way for students to work on their collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our Features

At Sarv Sanskriti School, we see our aim in providing care and an early learning environment which is tailored to each individual child’s needs, in safe, secure, happy and relaxed surroundings. We are committed to your child’s success!

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Wg. Cdr. H.K. Rai (Retd.) Chairman

Dear Parents and students, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the parents and students for their love and support which has helped us to set the highest standards in the field of education in the last 22 years. We are establishing the Sarv Sanskriti School at Bilaspur with the blessings of the Almighty.
Our main aim is to empower the children with academic excellence and the ability to meet the challenges of this fast changing world .We want to give them the wings of soaring success along with the roots of culture and values.

Mohit Rai Director

What we need today is education geared towards creating values centred future leaders who will enhance society through their scholastic achievements and compassion.
Our country is at the cross roads of opportunity and challenge, and we are poised for absolute success through our commitment, value system and realization of self.
S.S.S.. believes in an education system which stimulates children to use their multiple faculties to face the challenges of a competitive world.


We at Sarv Sanskriti School believe that the whole purpose of education is to teach the child the right values and life skills which not only help him to sustain meaningfully but also lay a foundation for a strong and healthy society.
The students at Sarv Sanskriti School develop a holistic personality and are ready to take on the challenges and march ahead with positive attitude, skill, confidence, sensitivity and responsibility.
In alignment to the vision of our Chairman Wg. Cdr. H.K Rai Ji the school is fiercely committed to pursue excellence in all the fields, be it in academia, sports, ethics or aesthetics. We are committed to carry forward his vision by teaching our children to be competent enough to stand tall amongst others with their extraordinary skills and come out victorious from the realms of this challenging labyrinth.

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